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This picture really made me cry. If you know Heather’s father died of cancer when she was 14-years old and now she is standing there in that shirt to support ‘stand up to cancer’. I can’t imagine how many feelings she had when she was standing there. It just making me sad and so proud. I’m so proud of Heather, that she did this.
If you have any respect for Heather doing this please Reblog this. Reblog this to show your love to Heather, her father and all those others how are still fighting or died by this awful disease.
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This picture really made me cry. If you know Heather’s father died of cancer when she was 14-years old and now she is standing there in that shirt to support ‘stand up to cancer’. I can’t imagine how many feelings she had when she was standing there. It just making me sad and so proud. I’m so proud of Heather, that she did this.

If you have any respect for Heather doing this please Reblog this. Reblog this to show your love to Heather, her father and all those others how are still fighting or died by this awful disease.


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I haven’t figured out a title for this yet but I will eventually. Hope you like what I’ve written so far. It’s my own Glee FanFic

Adella Lopez’ P.O.V


            Senior year is going okay I guess, Santana, my sister asked Brittany to keep on eye on me since she got left back and Santana had to go off to college. I don’t think I need a babysitter but whatever. After seeing what happened to Kurt and Santana when they came out, and me not wanted to disappoint my parents about having two gay daughters I decided that it was best that I didn’t tell anyone. Today in school was horrible everyone seems to know about me even though I didn’t tell anyone, maybe it’s the way I hold my self or maybe they just know because of the way Santana acted, I tend to act like her sometimes, she is my sister so I did learn something’s from her. I stayed after school today for art club well that was a bad idea because the Cheerios were here late to practice. The head cheerleader Kitty, that no one likes to be honest, saw me at my locker and let’s just say things are about to turn into hell for me this is a lovely way to start my weekend.

            “Hey geek.”, Kitty said to me while leaning up against the locker next to mine. “What do you want, Kitty?”, I asked not looking up from inside my locker. “Oh nothing, just the satisfaction of doing this.”, she said to me as she took a slushy and threw it on me. “Hey get away from her.”, I heard someone yell down the hallway. I turned and it was, Marley, I think that’s her name she’s in glee club with Brittany but I’m not sure if that’s her name. Kitty and the other cheerios just laughed and walked off. “You okay?”, she asked me as she walked closer to me. “Yeah I’ll be fine. Thanks for making them leave though.”, I said with a smile on my face. “No problem, Kitty’s a bitch don’t take it personal, I’m Marley by the way. I’m in glee with Brittany you know her right?”, Marley asked me. “Yeah she’s my sister’s girlfriend, and I’m Adella, and yeah she’s a major bitch.”, I said as I was getting my books for homework out of my locker. “Do you need a shirt to change into? I have an extra one.”, Marley asked me. “No, but thank you. I’m heading home anyway.”, I said as I closed my locker and started walking with her out the door. “Mind if I hang out with you for a little? My mom’s in the lunch room cleaning up.”, Marley asked me with a shy smile. “Um sure I have to wait for my sister to pick me up anyway.”, I said as we sat down on the bench in the front of the school. “You’re sister’s Santana Lopez right?”, she asked me. “Yeah, she’s home from college this weekend to see Britt and to do laundry, something about the water in Louisville that creeps her out. She took my car today so I have no choice but to wait for her. Britt should be here soon too.”, I said to Marley. “Cool I like Brittany she seems awesome.”, Marley said to me. “Yeah she is, any who, do you have any siblings?”, I asked Marley. “I have a younger sister she’s four.”, Marley said to me. “Aww that’s a cute age. I love little kids, I’m a camp councilor during the summer.”, I said with a smile on my face. “Yeah I know you were my sister’s councilor last year, when we moved here, her names Annabeth Rose. Not sure if you remember her or not.”, Marley asked me. “Oh no I remember her she stuck to me like glue last year. She’s adorable, how is she?”, I asked truly remembering her little sister. “She great she’s excited that she gets to go to preschool this year.”, she said with such excitement. “That’s great she seems like she has a lot of energy from what I remember.”, I said to Marley. “Yeah she does. But all four year olds are like that.”, Marley said with a laugh. “True good point. Hey Britt over here.”, I said to Marley and Brittany as I saw her walk out of one of the exist doors to the school. “Hey Ella, hi Marley. I didn’t know you two knew each other.”, Brittany said as she sat down next to me. “We didn’t Marley here shooed Kitty away from me early and we got to talking.”, I said to Brittany. “Yeah but not before she threw a slushy at you.”, Marley said. “Yeah but whatever it’s not the first time she’s done it.”, I said to her. “Santana’s going to be pissed, she told coach to not let anyone slushy you.”, Brittany said to me. “Britt it’s fine I can handle my self. I’ll tell San to back off.”, I said just as my sister pulled up in front of the school. “Bye Marley.”, Brittany said as she hopped over to the car. “You going to be okay to sit here by your self waiting for your mom?”, I asked Marley. “Yeah I’ll be fine she’s…right here anyway. I’ll see you Monday.”, Marley said to me as we stood up. “See you Monday and thanks again.”, I said as I waved to her. “Welcome.”, she said as her and her mom walked off and as I walked over to the car. I got in and Santana gave me a shit ass grin. “What?”, I asked her as I sat in the back seat. “Oh nothing.”, she said as she turned around and took off out of the parking lot. “Why do you keep staring at me just tell me what you want to tell me, San.”, I said to my sister when I noticed her staring at me for like the fifth time since I got into the car. “Nothing, who slushied you anyway.”, She asked me. “Kitty.”, I said while I put my head down. “She’s the head bitch cheerio this year.”, I heard Brittany whisper to Santana. “I’ll have a talk to coach on Monday.”, Santana said to me. “No! No you wont, I can handle my own battle’s Santana I don’t need my older sister to fight them for me. That’ll cause more issues. Just drop it.”, I said as she pulled into the drive way and I ran out of the car slamming the door behind me.


Santana Lopez’ P.O.V


            “What’s wrong with her?”, I asked Brittany as Adella was running into the house with tears running down her face. “I don’t know San, she’s been really upset lately, she wont talk to me or your parents.”, Brittany said to me. “I’ll have a talk with her when she calms down.”, I said to Brittany as we walked into the door and was greeted by my mom. “What’s got your sister all upset this time, Mija?”, my Mami asked me. “I have no clue Mami. I’ll talk to her when she calms down.”, I said as Brittany started walking up the stairs and into Adella’s room. “Or Britts got it.”, I said as I started to go up the stair. I heard my sister talking to Britt through the closed door so I put my ear up to it trying to listen.


            “What’s going on with you lately Ells?”,  I heard Britt ask Ella. “Nothing Britt I’m fine.”, Ella said to Britt. “No I know that’s not true if it were, you wouldn’t be up here crying right now.”, Brittany said to Ella. “I don’t want to talk about it just leave me alone.”, I heard my sister say to Britt a little loudly. I heard Britt get off the bed and walk to the door. I walked over to my old bedroom doorway and stood there as Brittany walked out and shut Ella’s door behind her. “Something’s going on with her and she wont open up.”, Britt said to me. “Come here.”, I said as I opened my arms for my upset girlfriend to come into. I gave her a hug and said, “When she’s ready she’ll come around, she’s a Lopez we’re not good with feelings all the time.”, Britt smiled into my neck and giggled at my last comment. “Come one you can help me fold laundry while I help you with your homework.”, I said to Brittany as I took her by her hand and we walked into my room. “I hate this subject.”, she said to me as we were laying on my bed doing her homework, we were working on math this time. “Yeah I can tell your notebook has doodles all over it.”, I said with a chuckle. “Hey but at least I’m doing better in it then last year. I just get bored when the teacher’s talking.”, Brittany said to me with a smile on her face. “Yeah I can defiantly tell that by your notebook.”, I said to Britt while we began to work on her math homework. When it got close to dinnertime there was a knock on my door. “Come in.”, I said. “Brittany, sweetie are you staying for dinner?”, my Mami asked Brittany. “If that’s okay Mrs. L.”, Brittany said to my mom. “Of course. It’ll be done in a few. Santana could you try and get your sister to come out of her room please.”, my Mami asked me. “Sure I can try.”, I said while shrugging my shoulders and walking to my sister’s bedroom door. “Ella it’s me open up please.”, I said after I knocked on the door about five times without an answer. I heard her walk over to the door unlock it then open it. As I walked into her room she walked back over to her bed and lay down on her side facing the wall. I walked over to her bed and sat down, I put my hand on her arm and asked, “Do you want to talk about what’s bothering you?”, “No.”, she said to me as she started to tear again. “Hey no crying, talk to me.”, I said as I sat up by her head and pulled her into my arms and started to stroke her hair. “You know you can tell me anything, I may not be home all that much anymore but that doesn’t mean I’m not here for you.”, I said trying to calm her down. “If I tell you, you promise to help me with something?”, she asked me once she was calm enough to talk. “Of course you know I always will.”, I said to her.

            She took a deep breath and sat up to face me. She started to play with the bottom of her pants. Until she found the courage to finally tell me what was bothering her. “I don’t know how to say this so I’m just going to come out and say it. Santana, I’m gay. I didn’t want to tell Mami or Papi because I didn’t want them to be disappointed that they raised two daughters that are gay.”, she told me and I just gave her a small smile to encourage her to continue. “I didn’t say anything at school either because I knew what happened to you and to Kurt when you guys were out and I didn’t want anything to happen to me. Even though I think Kitty already knows because she’s constantly picking on me but whatever. I let her do it because I rather her throw slushies at me then tell people my secret. I wanted to tell you and Mami and Papi but I was afraid to, well more afraid to tell Mami and Papi then you.”, she finished as she looked away from me and started to cry again. “Hey look at me. I love you for who you are I don’t care that you’re gay, it’s just something to love even more about you and something I can share with you. As for Mami and Papi when I came out they were fine with it you saw that. You shouldn’t be worried if they’re not going to be disappointed because I can guarantee that they wont be. I can help you tell them if you’d like.”, I said as I pulled her in for a hug and kissed her forehead. “Thank you, love you San.”, she said to me while wiping her tears. “Welcome anytime sis. Just let me know when you want to tell Mami and Papi and I’ll be there every step of the way.”, I said to her. “And me too, sorry I couldn’t help but over hear the conversation. And I still love you too Ella.”, Brittany said as she walked into the door and sat down on the other said of Ella and gave her a hug. “Thank you Britt.”, she said to Brittany. “Okay well Mami said dinner’s going to be ready soon. So why don’t you get washed up and we’ll meet you down stairs okay.”, I said to Ella. “Okay, oh and San can we keep this between us until I’m ready to tell Mami and Papi?”, she asked me when Brittany and I reached the door. “You got it sis.”, I said as we walked out of the door and headed down the stairs as my Papi walked into the door. “Santana, Brittany it’s good too see you.”, he said to me and then Brittany. “It’s good to see you too Papi.”, I said while giving him a hug. “Hi Mr. L it’s good to see you too.”, Brittany said while giving him a hug too. “Where’s my youngest daughter?”, my Papi asked me as Ella was walking down the stairs. “Hi Papi.”, she said in a quiet voice and gave him a bone crushing hug. “Hi Mija.”, he said to my sister while hugging her and kissing the top of her head. I think he might know what’s going on with her he always seems to know these things. “Dinner’s ready lets go.”, my Mami said from the dinning room. “Oh thank god I’m starving.”, my Papi said as he ran into the dinning room with Brittany following right behind him. “You okay?”, I asked Ella as I put my arm around her shoulders and hugged her. “Yeah, or at least I will be. Um I think I want to tell them tonight after dinner.”, she said to me. “Then we will.”, I said to her as we entered the dinning room sitting down and getting ready to eat dinner.



Emilio Lopez’ P.O.V


             As my family and I sit down to eat I can’t help but notice that Ella has something that’s bothering her. She’s much like her sister and me; she tends to bottle her feelings inside. But hopefully she’ll be able to tell us what’s going on in her own time. “So Ella how was school today?”, I asked my youngest daughter. “It was okay, Kitty slushied me again but whatever it’s not the first time it’s happened.”, she said to me but kept her eyes on her plate. “Well Mija maybe you should tell the principle or something.”, my wife Maribel suggested to our daughter. “No Mami that’ll make it worse, I can handle it, it’s fine.”, she said to her mother, still not looking at us in the eyes. “Well just make sure if it gets to much to tell us. Brittany how’s school going?”, I said to Ella and then asked Brittany. “Great, I’m passing all my classes so far.”, she said in an enthusiastic tone of voice. “That’s great, Santana how’s college going Mija?”, I asked my oldest. “It’s going great, well except I don’t like my roommate but whatever I have to deal with that. But my classes are doing great and my cheerleading is going great so I can’t complain there.”, she said to me. “Glad to hear that.”, I said as we finished eating. “Girls your mother cooked you clean please. Brittany you can help too if you don’t mind.”, I said to the girls. “No problem Mr. L.”, Brittany said as she was helping the girls clean up. After the three girls cleaned up dinner we decided to go into the living room to watch a movie. “Um can I talk to you guys about something.”, Ella asked me and Maribel.  “Sure you can talk to us about anything, Mija.”, I said to her while my wife nodded to her. “Um, I didn’t want to tell you this because I didn’t want you to be disappointed but I talked to Santana and she said that she didn’t think you guys would be. So here goes nothing, I’m gay. I didn’t want to tell you because I thought you guys would be disappointed that you raised two gay daughters and I didn’t want to disappoint you.”, Ella said to us. I knew this was going to be what she wanted to tell us. She acted just like Santana did before she came out to us. “Mija we already knew that you were gay, and no we’re not disappointed that we raise you and your sister. We raised you to be who you are and accept that. And that is what you two have done. It doesn’t matter who you love as long as you accept it your self. We will always love you no matter what and you could never disappoint us.”, Maribel said to our daughter as she embraced her in a tight hug. “Papi are you okay with this?”, she asked me in the smallest of voices. “Of course I am Mija as your mother said you could never disappoint us and we love you for who you are. I’m just glad that you finally got the courage to tell us.”, I said as I stood up and embraced my little girl in my arms. “Thank you both. I love you.”, she said to me and Maribel. “I love you too sweetie.”, my wife said joining the hug. “I love you too Mija.”, I said as I hugged her and my wife. “Us too.”, Santana said as her and Brittany joined in on the family hug. “Okay so now that’s over and done with let’s sit down as a family and watch a movie.”, I said releasing everyone from the hug. “I think I’m going to go upstairs in my room for tonight I don’t really feel well.”, Ella said to us as she made her way up the stairs. Maribel was about to follow her but I stopped her and said, “I’ll go check on her start the movie.”, as I started to walk up the stairs and towards Ella’s room.

            I got to her room to hear her crying so I knocked on the door. “Come in.”, she said in such a small voice. I walked in to see her lying on her bed facing the wall while crying. “Mija what’s wrong?”, I asked her as I sat on the edge of her bed and rubbed her back. “I’m scared of what’s going to happen when people at school find out.”, Ella said to me as she began to cry harder. “Mija look at me.”, I said to her and waited to continue until she looked at me in the eyes. “No matter what happens your strong, just like me and your sister, you’ll get through it and you have us to help you get through it. You’re not alone I promise you that.”, I said to my daughter as I grabbed her to hug her. She sobbed in my arms for a few more minutes then she looked at me and said, “Thank you Papi, I’m just really scared of what Kitty’s going to do once she finds out.”, with such a sad look in her eyes it made me want to go to this Kitty person’s house and give her and her parents a piece of my mind. “Papi don’t I can handle her.”, Ella said to me I looked down at her in a confused state. “I knew what you were thinking. You were thinking of going to her house and giving her and her parents a piece of your mind. But don’t if you do it’ll make it worse for me.”, she said to me. It amazes me how much my kids can read me and my wife, I just chuckled and said, “Right Mija, well I wont but if she does anything to hurt my baby girl really bad her parents are going to get a word or two from me, and possibly Santana.”, to her and wiped her tears from her eyes. “Can we go downstairs and watch TV now?”, she asked me. “Let’s go.”, I said as I stood up from her bed and grabbed her hand and walked down the stairs with her. “Move over couch hoggers.”, Ella said to Santana and Brittany who were cuddling on the couch. “Brat.”, Santana said to Ella as she smacked her arm playfully. “Bite me.”, Ella said as she swatted Santana’s hand away from her arm. I love that no matter how old my kids get that they’ll always act like they did when they were younger. “Papi tell Santana to get off of me.”, Ella said as my oldest child Santana was laying on top of her and giggling. “Not funny Santana get the fuck off of me.”, Ella said to Santana trying to push her off. “Santana Maribel Lopez get off of your sister now and let her sit on the couch. Adella Casandra Lopez watch your mouth.”, I reprimanded my children, as Maribel and Brittany were giggling at the girls antics. “And you two no giggling you’ll only encourage them.”, I said while pointing to my wife and my daughter’s girlfriend. Then as a family we all sat down to watch our movie; as the movie started I looked over to see my family in their spots and just smiled, I literally had the best family I could ever ask for.


Maribel Lopez’ P.O.V


            Last night was the best family night that my family and I have had in a long time. I was so happy that Adella finally told us about her liking girls. We’ve always known, just like we’ve always known that Santana liked girls as well. But over the past few years I noticed Adella changing, she was finally beginning to accept herself for who she was. My husband and I raised our kids to be who they were and accept whom they were not matter what other people did or said about them. When Santana was outed last year everything went to hell for her except her family and of course Brittany. But she got through it with the help of her Glee friends and us and Brittany, my husband and I love Brittany we think she’s great for Santana she brings out the Santana we know and love. I hope that Adella finds that in someone one day as well, which I’m sure she will because that girl is amazing. She’s got most of my personality in her but then she has her father’s temper just like Santana does. I don’t know what it is with the Lopez’s and their anger issues but it’s something I’ve grown to love about my husband and daughters’. I get up out of bed and walk over to my bedroom window that faces the back yard. I look down and Adella’s sitting in the hammock drawing in her sketchbook, she’s an amazing artist, I hope she goes to college for that she needs to show the world her talent. She’s forever drawing not matter what mood she’s in she always has she sketchbook and a pencil with her. She get’s so lost in her drawings, whenever she’s drawing it’s like nothing else in the world matters except for what she’s doing in that very moment. Even just watching her you get lost in your own littler world, just watching how she moves her wrist to do certain curves or shading. I find it very relaxing and captivating watching her draw and do something that she loves so much.

            I was so lost in watching Ella draw that I didn’t notice my husbands strong arms wrap around me from behind and hold me. “She’s going to be okay, isn’t she?”, he asked me. “She’s going to be fine, we’ve raised these girls to be strong and that’s exactly what they are. Look at Santana she went through hell when she came out and she’s stronger then ever, she finally accepts her self. I’m just glad that Adella can come out on her own terms and not by someone else. I don’t think our family could go through something like that again.”, I said as I turned around in his arms to look at him in the eyes. “They’re wonderful girls, the best actually, I couldn’t have asked for better daughters’ or wife for that matter. You three mean the world to me; I just want to project you guys for the rest of my life. I just don’t want to see either of them get hurt is all. I truthfully wanted to give that Hudson kid a piece of my mind after what he did to Santana. Don’t get me wrong I know Santana wasn’t the nicest to him but no one should ever out someone when they’re not ready even if they didn’t mean to do it. I just hope this Kitty girl doesn’t do that same thing to Ella, that’ll destroy her, she’s strong but she still has a little bit of you in her and she breaks down easier then Santana and I do. I worry about her.”, he said to me as he began to tear. “Ella es fuerte, todo va a estar bien.”, (She’s strong, everything will be fine) I said to him. “Sí, lo sé. Te quiero.”, (Yes, I know. I love you) he said as he kissed me on the lips. Once we broke apart I said, “I love you too, no let’s get Santana and Brittany up and get some breakfast as a family, before they run off to do something else.”, as we started to walk out of our room just as Brittany and Santana walk out of Santana’s room. “Good morning girls.”, Emilio said to Santana and Brittany. “Morning Papi.”, Santana mumbled she’s not a morning person until after she’s had a glass of coffee. “Morning Mr. L Mrs. L. Did you sleep well?”, Brittany asked us, by this point she’s fully awake and bubble like she normally is. I don’t think I’ve seen Brittany ever not be bubble, one thing I like about her she’s always so happy. It makes Santana smile like an idiot, much like she’s doing right now. “Oh so Mija you do function this early without coffee huh. And Brittany I slept lovely last night thank you for asking.”, I said to my daughter who turned bright red once she realized that I had caught her staring and smiling at Brittany and then to Brittany who smiled at me. “San, there’s nothing to be embraced about, you love Brittany and that clearly shows just by that smile. Don’t ever hide that, Mija.”, my husband said to Santana. “Right, sorry Papi.”, she said as we headed down the stairs to have some breakfast. “Santana go outside and get your sister while your mother does breakfast.”, Emilio said to Santana while he was going to get the paper from the front yard. Santana opened the back door and yelled, “Yo get your ass in here for some chow.”, and then closed the door and locked it as her sister came running to the door. Ella stood there with her arms crossed over her chest staring at Santana with that Lopez death glair, makes me laugh every time they use that glair.

            Santana thinks this is funny on the other hand and is making faces at her sister. “Santana Maribel Lopez unlock the damn door now.”, Ella said through the glass door. “The locks broken sorry sis.”, Santana said as she was about to walk away from the door. “Santana unlock the door and stop teasing your sister for once please.”, I said while giggling with Brittany at my daughters’ antics. “Fine.”, she said as she unlocked the door and quickly sat back down but not before her sister grabbed her and put her outside then closed and locked the door again. That brought Brittany into a fit of laughter, to the point where I thought she was going to fall off her chair. “You ass let me back in it’s fucking freezing out here.”, Santana said through the door. “Should have thought about that before you locked me out there then.”, Ella said with a cynical laugh. “I’m going to go all Liam Heights on your ass when I get back in there.”, Santana said. “Okay first of all that’s old and second of all I’m stronger then you and third you’re out there and I’m in here.”, Ella said. “Ma tell her to let me in.”, Santana turned and said to me. “Mija please let her in before she get’s sick.”, I said to Ella. “Ugh fine you ruin all the fun Mami.”, she says to me as she unlocked the door and Santana jumped on her back. “Santana this does nothing to me.”, Ella said as she dumped Santana into the nearest chair. “How are you stronger then me I’m a cheerleader. This is clearly not fair.”, Santana said to Ella while I was putting breakfast on the table. “Um because I play soccer and ice hockey that’s how. Maybe if you did something other then cheerleading you’d be stronger. Look at Britt she does dance and cheerleading and I’m sure she’s stronger then you too.”, Ella taunted Santana, I swear these two don’t fight like normal siblings. It’s just like my husband and his brothers and sister. “You two are so much like you father and your uncles and aunt.”, I said to my girls, who return gave me the Lopez glair. “Do not use that glair on your mother you two.”, Emilio said as he looked up from his paper at the girls. Then we fell into silence and began to eat our breakfast as a family, these are the moments that I cherish the most.


Brittany s. Pierce’s P.O.V


            I was so happy that Ella told Sanny and her parents that she was a Unicorn like Sanny. After breakfast I noticed that Ella was still being quiet and just drawing in her sketchbook out back. I walked outside after getting dressed to see if I can get her to talk. I walked over to the hammock that she was sitting on and sat down right next to her. She didn’t look at me when she began to talk she just kept drawing. “What’s up Britt?”, she asked me. “Nothing just wanted to know if you wanted to talk. You know everyone’s okay with you being a Unicorn because Sanny’s a Unicorn. You guys can be Unicorns together!”, I said in an exciting voice to her. She just looked up at me and smiled and giggled. “I’m not worried about my family Britt. I know they love me and accept me because they love and accept Santana. I’m worried about school is all.”, Ella said to me with sad eye. I don’t like when the people I love are sad, it makes me sad and I hate being sad. “Are you a sad Panda? Like I was when Artie called me stupid. Santana sung to me and it made me a lot feel better. Maybe we can get her to sing to you and make you happy again.”, I said to her. “Yeah Britt I’m a sad Panda but no I don’t think Santana singing will work for me. I’ll figure it out don’t worry about it okay. I don’t like when you worry about us, it makes you less bubbly and I like bubbly Brittany.”, she said to me while poking my side to get me to laugh. I giggled and slapped her hand away playfully. “By the way Britt I love that world that you live in.”, she said to me as she smiled a wide smile at me. “You and Sanny are the only ones who understand my world, other people just think I’m stupid.”, I said to her. “Well you’re not, you’re a genius and me and San will always see that and we’ll always stick up for you when someone calls you stupid.”, she said to me. “So what are you drawing?”, I asked her. “Superheroes.”, she said to me as she began to draw again. “You should hang out with my and the Glee group. Sam Evans likes superheroes too and he does impressions that are really funny. Oh and Marley’s in Glee too you can talk to her and get to know her. Maybe she’s a Unicorn too and you two can be Unicorns together.”, I said to her with amusement. “I doubt she’s a Unicorn Britt but maybe Monday I’ll sit with you guys at lunch. It depends on what Kitty does to me.”, she said to me. “I’ll kill her if she does anything to you, that bitch needs to stop picking on people. From what Britt has told me she’s worse then me and Quinn ever were.”, Sanny said. We didn’t even hear her come outside let alone sit on the grass by us. “She’s evil but whatever.”, Ella said to Sanny. “I’ll go all Lima Heights on her sorry ass if she ever touches my little sister again. Was she the only one who slushied you yesterday?”, Sanny asked Ella. “No but please don’t do anything it’ll make it worse and I rather it stay the way it is please. I don’t need my big sister fighting my battles.”, she said to Santana as she was getting ready to stand up. “Ells sit back down I didn’t mean to upset you. I’m just looking out for you, it’s my job as a big sister.”, Sanny said to Ella as she grabbed her hand before she was about to leave. “I’m going to the park to have some alone time tell Ma please.”, Ella said as she ripped her hand out of Sanny’s grip and left the backyard. “She’s pissed at me now.”, Sanny said as she got up and sat down next to me on the hammock.

            “Sanny, what’s going on with her?”, I asked Santana. “I don’t know Britt but I have a feeling this has to do with a lot more then just coming out at school. But she’s a Lopez she won’t come around if I keep pushing her. I just want her to know that I’m here for her and that I know what she’s going through because I went through it as well.”, Sanny said to me. “Maybe she likes Marley?”, I asked more to air then Santana. “Who’s Marley?”, San asked me. “The girl we were talking to yesterday when you came to pick us up. She’s really sweet and nice and funny, she’s in Glee with me and I don’t know I think she might be a Unicorn but I can’t tell. Maybe she Bi-Unicorn like me.”, I said as I shrugged my shoulders. “Maybe Britt maybe.”, San said to me as we cuddled on the hammock enjoying each others company and the nice weather. 

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